Getting your website listed higher in Google

Many people want to know how they can get listed higher in the search engines. Google are constantly making changes to theie algorythm for who should be at top so for the average person trying to keep on top while running their business can be a nightmare, so hireing an SEO Cornwall company is one of the best investments they will ever make.

Trying to get ahead of the competition in Google is no easy task the search engines have millions and millions of websites that all think they should be number 1 for something so the key is to make your website better than theirs.

The main problem I see on the net is that people want a 5 page website to out rank a huge website with tons of pages going in depth of the topic. Well this isn’t going to happen you need to have a site worth ranking.

On of the main SEO websites recently showed a case study of a website that someone had promoted with bad SEO techniques and managed to rank amoung top insurance websites this website was a poor quality affiliate sales website, now this site had no place in these ranking and should not have been ranking. Now some of you may be thinking wow isn’t this great imagine being ranked their however once Google found out they penalised the website and that site will never rank now.

So what can we learn from this.

1. Produce a good website, provide visitors with all the information they require try to help them. Google provide people with information so help them out and you will be rewarded.

2. Do your keyword research, it may well have been this poor quality site was useful for specific phrases, so instead of ranking for “insurance” their website should have targetted a longer tail keyword – so think about your keywords you target, look at the competition for those words and see if you deserve to rank.